Our Company

Total Dealer Solutions is a family of companies specializing in front and back end solutions for the automotive industry. Our focus and passion is Parts.

We have spent the last 15 years as the leading 3rd party parts inventory provider in the country. We've completed thousands of inventories and serviced thousands of dealers nationwide.

We not only pride ourselves in knowing the parts business but in finding permanent solutions for common problems.

We do this by providing technology that actually works. Meaning it's easy to use, increases efficiency, improves process, and helps you gain valuable insight.

Over the years, inventory after inventory, time after time, dealer after dealer we keep running into the same issue. Dealers have a huge problem with reconciling their parts PAD to their GL.

Inevitably there is always some kind of variance, either an overage or shortage that is often times unexplainable and nearly impossible to correct. This is cash that is essentially unaccounted for and more often than not we are talking $50-100K plus. If you are like most dealers you want this money back in your pocket. With the tools and resources that exist today there is no easy way to manage or fix this problem.

And that's where PartsRec comes in.

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Daily Parts/GL Reconciliation
Software that is easy to use and saves you time and money
Variance = ZERO
Know exactly where your money is no overage or shortage
Immediate Insight
Pinpoint problems, correct errors, reduce theft
Seamless Integration
Connects to your DMS data ensuring one system of record


Schedule a webinar or application presentation to give your management and key decision makers an overview of our history, personnel and processes. That way, you'll feel 100% confident using PartsRec as your daily reconciliation software for daily use.